We offer services 7 days a week between 10am and 8pm. Services are available to the general public of all ages and abilities. Below you will find a brief explanation of each service identified on the map above and what you can expect from each experience.  Home services are available depending on location.  Credit cards accepted. Please note that there will be a charge for the class if cancelled with less than a 24hr notice. If your FI doesn’t cover less than 24hr notice cancellations, you will be responsible for covering the full amount for the lesson that day.

Grow with music class

Ideal for clients who want to explore and unleash their inner musician. The focus of this class is to expose you to the world of music and its various expressions. Through live music interactions and interactive listening experiences you will explore and play a wide range of musical instruments from all around the world and discover a wide range music genres. This is a good introduction for you if you are not sure what instrument you would like to learn.

Meet with Music Class

Ideal for clients who are looking to improve social skills . This class is most effective when done in group settings. We will use group music making and listening as an anchor point to relate to each other.  This is all done within the context of a fun, safe and nurturing environment.





Music Technology

The music industry has been continually transformed by the development of new music technologies. As recording and amplification technologies became available, as well as electronic musical instruments where developed, a full new dimension of possibilities for sound expression was birthed into existence. Learn how to mix, record and produce your own tracks using smart phone, tablet or computer software. This class is intended for those who are looking to expand their understanding and develop the skills to be expressive and creative using music technology. The suggested age for clients taking this class is 6 years old and up.

Song/Music Writing

During this class, you will learn how to write a song or create a musical composition. Through a collaborative approach that builds on your strengths and preferences you will be guided to create, perform and record your own songs and musical compositions with the ultimate goal of having a finished musical creation that is reflective of sounds you like, of who you are, of what you like and of what’s important to you.

Instrument Lesson

The focus of this class will be for you to learn how to play an instrument of your choosing. Paired with the instrument-focus learning, you will learn how to read basic music and develop an understanding of basic music theory through a series of fun activities. Instruments available: Singing voice, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Sitar, Piano, Keyboard, Flute, Native American Flute, Clarinet, Djembe, Drum Set, Hang Drum, Saxophone, Banjo, Sitar, and Didgeridoo.


Role-Playing Class

Use puppets, props and your imagination to jump out of your skin and into a character. Explore how your body and your voice communicates different thoughts and emotions across different circumstances  and work one on one or in a group setting led by professional actors who also happen to be great teachers.


Dance Class

Shake everything you’ve got! Learn to move your body in sync with fast and slow music across genres ranging from classical to rock and funk. Learn signature dance moves and create your own during this individual or group lesson. Group lessons are held weekly at the studio space. Please contact us to check availability.


Photography, Videography and I-Create 

Everybody is a photographer in 2018. Are we? Learn from a photography teaching specialist how to capture the world around you in special ways. Learn to edit phots and/or videos and create beautiful images worthy of any New York Wall. The I-create class has components of the photography class but will focus more on teaching you to use photoshop and image editing software to create unique images.

Handy Crafts 

This class is all about learning how to make useful things out of raw or repurposed materials. Create musical instruments, useful household gadgets and items for everyone to enjoy.  Beading, weaving, wrapping, gluing and knitting are just a few of the techniques explored in this class. Offered as an individual class or as a group experience. (Utilization of certain tools will be limited to the instructor).


Expressive Crafts-Drawing, Painting and Sculpting

This class is all about learning how to express your thoughts and emotions through the use and manipulation of raw or repurposed materials. The focus can be on painting, drawing or sculpting as well as crafting multi-textured pieces. Beading, weaving, wrapping, gluing and knitting are just a few of the techniques explored in this class. Offered as an individual class or as a group experience. (Utilization of certain tools will be limited to the instructor).



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