Fees and Payment

Music and Dance Lessons:

$130 for 45 min

$170 for 60 min

$200 for 75 min

$250 for 90 min

$340 for 120min

$110 for 60 min Group.

Art and photography lessons cost:

$190 for 60 min

$250 for 90 min

$360 for 120min

Cooking/Baking Classes

$190 for 60min

$250 for 90min


$200 per 45min

Personal Finance

$200 per 45min

Spanish Lessons

$130 per 45min

$170 per 60min

Practical Philosophy

$200 per 45min

Physical Ed/ Personal Fitness

$150 per 60min

$225 per 90 min

Executive Functioning

$170 per 60 min

Please note:

Initial meetings are charged at $170 and have a duration of 60 min which include a 15 min teacher-parent consultation.

We take all major credit cards and Paypal.

Services are available to the general public of all ages and abilities.  Please note that there will be a charge for the class if cancelled with less than a 24hr notice.