Fees and Payment

All Music Lessons cost:

$130 for 45 min

$170 for 60 min

$110 for 60 min Group.

Art and photography- $190 for 60 min

Art and photography- $250 for 90 min

Initial meetings are charged at $170 and have a duration of 60 min which include a 15 min teacher-parent consultation.

We take all major credit cards and Paypal.

Self-Direction Families (OPWDD) Welcome

We understand that you have enough on your plate and it can be difficult to wait for reimbursements. We want our students to begin their creative journeys as soon as possible and will work with your broker and FI to make this happen for you without you having to have any out-of-pocket costs. We will invoice your Financial Intermediary (FI) directly at the end of each month. We are proud to be one of the few vendors for self-direction that does not take any out-of-pocket money from the families

Services are available to the general public of all ages and abilities.  Please note that there will be a charge for the class if cancelled with less than a 24hr notice. If your FI doesn’t cover less than 24hr notice cancellations, you will be responsible for covering the full amount for the lesson that day.