Musicamente Winter Registration JCC 76th st

All classes cost $100 per hour and will be held at the 76th st JCC. Please be aware last minute (<24hr cancellations and no-shows will be charged).
One supporting family member or support worker is welcome to join (please indicate if this is the case along with other needs for accomodation)
We accept self-direction direct pay, credit cards, checks and online payments through our website.

Social Connect Groups

This class will focus on improving social-skills using various supported group activities for people longing for connection. 

Two facilitators will lead the class through different lessons each week including games, outings, role-playing through social scenarios, conflict resolution and problem solving. 

Class members will be allowed to bring an additional support person to the class if they require it.

Drumming Group: 

Students that enroll in this weekly program will engage in various group activities involving use of drums and percussion instruments from around the world that produce the basic rhythms and grooves that we hear in people’s favorite music today. 

Students will learn to use various parts of their body to create drumming including their breath and voices. 

Participants will be encouraged to take turns, share instruments, play and have fun together in this absolute beginners experience. No background in music is required. Participation will be individually encouraged in a warm and positive learning environment. 


Life can be chaotic and stressful and We can’t be open to enjoy the best that life has to offer if we are holding all that stress in our body. Our bodies are the instrument we use to move through the world. Just like a violinist would take really good care of their violin—keep it in a soft velvet, hard case, away from sun exposure and regularly checking that the strings are tuned—our instrument is our body which needs our attention and care. One of the ways in which we care about it is exercising regularly.

Our hope is that through engaging in this group class,  students will  find play and pleasure in exercising. Did you know that with  only 20min of exercise our bodies secrete enough endorphins, which is our bodies natural happy hormones, to improve our mood? Exercising also boosts energy, promotes sleep and can prevent or manage many health problems!