Special Needs After-School Classes In New York

Our Afterschool Program 

Looking for special needs after-school classes in New York? we got you covered. Musicamente is an inclusive program that  is open to children and young adults of all abilities. We pride ourselves in offering individualized lessons in all mediums of creative expression including Art, Music, Dance, Photography, Baking, Fitness, etc. All members of our staff are Master’s degree level educators that are passionate about their fields of speciality. Here are some details about our programming:

Accessible: We have an office in Chelsea which is wheel chair accessible and open every day of the week from 9am to 9pm. We also offer at-home lessons for those who can’t travel to us and lessons outdoors in multiple locations around New York City.

Infrastructure: The school should have an infrastructure that supports the needs of exceptional children. They must include provisions like a playground with swings, rooms with a relaxing atmosphere, or activities that a child might enjoy. Such infrastructure must also cover resource rooms, which are learning spaces where a special teacher instructs and assists children with special needs. 

Competent educators: Our team of Master’s level educators are passionate and talented providing individualized lessons that bring out the best in our students. We have teachers that specialize in each medium of creative expression and fitness we offer.

Flexible teaching methods: adaptability and flexibility in thinking is what makes our teachers great at tailoring the classes to the unique learning style of each student taking into account their strengths and weaknesses. We also highly value the parent’s input and adjust according to meet their expectations. 

Open availability:  Special needs after-school classes in New York City can be hard to find as parents struggle to make these extracurricular needs fit in their already busy schedules. We have a large team of educators ready to work with your schedule to make sure you can participate.

A positive environment: our philosophy is based on a humanistic approach that believes the best in people and is optimistic and excited about life’s wonders. We want to make our students feel empowered and supported to find their courage to be expressive, have fun and connect with their teachers in a nurturing environment.

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